Studio Sessions


Larry is available to bring the Baeder magic to your recordings!

Larry’s recording discography is a virtual and diverse “Who’s Who” of modern music: Buddy Guy, Alex and James Taylor, Carly Simon, avant-garde Canadian songwriter Jane Siberry, James Montgomery, as well as albums produced by Jimmy Miller (the producer for Steve Winwood, Traffic, Blind Faith and the Rolling Stones). Larry has also performed on countless jingles and film scores while working as a studio guitarist / producer / arranger in New York City from 1984 through the present.

Larry still makes time for a substantial calendar of recording dates, though he tends to be far more selective about the projects he accepts these days when compared to his earlier life as a full-time studio guitarist, producer and arranger in New York City.

If you’re interested in enhancing your recording project with that legendary “Baeder Magic”, please Contact Larry through his Contact page. Larry will get back to you with questions about your project.

Larry can record at studios in Key West, Florida, at his Pyramid Recording Studio in Manhattan / New York City, or at a studio of your choosing. He can also do remote recording, so is available to bring the Baeder Guitar Magic to your recording project anywhere in the world!

Visit Larry’s Discography to review his amazing list of recording credits and listen to recordings that feature his guitar playing, production and arrangements.

Whether serving as producer, arranger or guitarist, Larry can take your recording project to the next level. Contact him today.