Larry Baeder lives in Key West, Florida where he is an active and sought-after member of the rich, vibrant local music scene.

He performs weekly at several venues throughout the Florida keys, solo, with his long-time musical compadre Dora Gholson, as well as with various artists in a variety of genres, including blues, jazz, rock and reggae.

Larry Baeder & Dora Gholson​

Larry Baeder and singer-guitarist Dora Gholson have been making music in Key West, Florida together since 2011. Larry & Dora have performed hundreds of gigs over the years at festivals and venues throughout the Florida Keys. Visit Larry’s Concert Calendar to see their schedule of upcoming performances.

Larry Baeder & Terri White

Larry Baeder Recordings

Maximo Strut

The Larry Baeder Group

Released: 1999

New Moon Records

The Red Sessions: Live at Hog’s Breath

The Chris Clifton Band with Larry Baeder

Released: 2009

PJK Records

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