Pyramid API Recording Studio

Since 1998, Larry has been an active partner in Pyramid Recording Studio in New York City. He also serves as lead Producer, Arranger and Session Guitarist for the studio.

Pyramid Recording: Where the Finest in Classic Analog Audio Technology Meets the Cutting Edge In the Digital Age

Located on 32nd Street about a block from the Empire State Building in Manhattan / New York City, Pyramid Recording not only offers finely tuned recording environments, world class vintage analog gear, as well as the latest cutting edge digital recording technology, but more importantly, engineers, producers and arrangers with unrivaled expertise, experience and credentials working at the highest levels of the music industry.

We are now at a time where recording can take place anywhere: Tracks are sent at light-speed from one musician and producer to another for truly international collaborations. Recording has become global. But still to this day it is universally agreed upon that studio musicians dig the Golden Age of recording with producers and engineers using analog technology. Pyramid bridges these two worlds for their clients.

Pyramid Recording has become that facility where musicians from anywhere in the world can record on classic vintage gear and then put it into a digital format. But the best is that it can be done from any location, with Pyramid as the hub. We utilize the latest technologies so our clients can record using the best mics, pre-amps, compressors, etc. All this is run through our world famous Vintage API board and into state of the art Pro Tools.

Pyramid allows you to record with the best musicians in the world from remote locations into our legendary New York studio. Furthermore, the legendary production team of engineer Todd Hemleb and producer / guitarist / arranger Larry Baeder can supervise, record and mix your sessions. Their credentials read like a Who’s Who of American music.

Why record at Pyramid?

  • Pyramid has access to the greatest studio musicians in the world. Through us, you can have these legendary artists and instrumentalists play on your recordings.
  • Pyramid has the legendary vintage recording equipment as well as the vintage mics, amps, drums etc. to make your music sound classic.
  • At Pyramid, we can record, mix and master your music to complete your vision and bring your dream to its fullest potential.
  • We bring you the finest in music recording, bridging the gap between the worlds of Analog and Digital from your location to our studio in Manhattan, all supervised by a seasoned world class production team.

To learn more about Pyramid Recording, the studio and its astonishing collection of vintage mics, amps and gear, visit